• Young motorists aren't troubled about proposed 150 fines for mobile phone use

    On-the-spot fines for using your phone at the wheel might rise to 150 and 4 points on your license but research suggests this still won’t hinder young drivers from using their mobiles when driving.The Government is set to publish the outcomes of a consultation which could advise enhancing fines for mobile phone use from 100 and 3 penalty points.A survey by Goodyear Tyres, as part of its Young Driver program.

    Study finds no link between cellphones and brain cancer

    "Mobile phones don't increase the risk of brain cancer, 30-year study concludes," the Mail Online reports.The Australian research study found the sell iphone huge boost in mobile phone use over the previous 30 years was not matched by a comparable increase in brain cancer cases.The very first authorities mobile phone employ Oz occurred in 1987 by the then Minister of Communication, Michael Duffy. Now, mobile phone ownership rates are estimated to be around 94%.

    Solar power for smart phones

    3 public parks in Al Shamal will quickly get solar-powered stations for charging mobile phones.Shaded areas with solar-powered lights will also be developed on two beaches in the location.The task is part of Al Shamal Municipality s environment preservation efforts and sustainability advancement efforts. It includes setup of 10 solar charging stations in Al Ruwais, Ain Sinan and Abu Dhalouf public parks and establishing 34 shaded locations with solar lights in Abu Dhalouf and Al Ruwais beaches.

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